Definition of shabby chic in English:

shabby chic


mass noun
  • A style of interior decoration that uses furniture and soft furnishings that are or appear to be pleasingly old and slightly worn.

    ‘the mismatched furniture and wallpaper in varied patterns epitomizes shabby chic’
    • ‘The production designer and her art department were able to transform the house's interior to late 18 th-Century shabby chic.’
    • ‘I have also spent some time this morning contemplating French shabby chic and considering how much I'd get were I to sell my original 1950's fabric kitchen curtains.’
    • ‘Britons adore the shabby chic of their seaside towns, according to a survey conducted by English Heritage.’
    • ‘It was much simpler in the old days when everyone had to decorate their homes with the look of the moment, whether it was urban contemporary, country floral, or shabby chic.’
    • ‘She defined the family's beachfront home by drenching it in shabby chic, which usually means bleached and distressed.’
    • ‘In some bedrooms, modern meets shabby chic, sleek lineless white wardrobes contrasting with the grubby exposed beams overhead, but that's all part of the charm.’
    • ‘This eccentric fishing inn is for those who like shabby chic.’
    • ‘The desk style du jour is shabby chic.’
    • ‘I took one look at Helen, an artist from Durham with a mania for "shabby chic", and knew that paint effects would be her downfall.’
    • ‘He partakes of a trend toward shabby chic.’


  • Denoting or relating to furniture or soft furnishings that have a pleasingly old and slightly worn appearance.

    ‘a shabby chic painted dresser’
    ‘if you like the shabby chic look, why not hunt down an old rocking chair for a touch of vintage charm’
    • ‘Some would call the cottage "shabby chic".’
    • ‘Sandstone is perfect for a shabby-chic country home.’
    • ‘The weather is hot, it is dusk and I am sitting in the 1950's glass lean-to which nowadays would be a seriously fashionable shabby-chic conservatory.’
    • ‘Full-page glossies of family reunions held beneath towering, shabby-chic barns make for better magazine copy than centerfolds of locals trying to avoid making eye contact with your U-Haul.’
    • ‘The newer, and far smaller, eatery is upstairs, where paper menus are on clipboards, dish towels serve as napkins, and patrons eat at shabby-chic tables.’
    • ‘My large room, best described as shabby chic, looked on to a brick wall.’
    • ‘The shabby chic charm of this restaurant in the suburbs of Paris made a very relaxing cream and white backdrop to our evening.’
    • ‘You do at least, for the first time, get to see the charmingly battered, shabby chic, leather boxes in which the jewels are carried across London.’
    • ‘The shabby-chic, late-Victorian three-and-a-half-bedroom house was happily accommodating me and my husband, two older children and an au pair.’
    • ‘It's amazing what a few coats of paint, new bathroom fittings and shabby chic furniture can do—when you have the cash to splash.’