Definition of sexual relations in English:

sexual relations

plural noun

  • Sexual intercourse.

    • ‘That same day, the eldest villager takes up sexual relations with his wife again, and his example is quickly followed by the other men of the village.’
    • ‘The trail is a short one between modern malnutrition and modern family and sexual relations.’
    • ‘Those who remember when Sukuma figures were a regular part of dance competitions recall their use to simulate sexual relations.’
    • ‘While wanting to convey respect for those who differ, I would suggest it best that couples wait until marriage before having sexual relations.’
    • ‘In the same period, the portrayal of sexual relations out of wedlock in Hardy's Jude the Obscure and Ibsen's Ghosts was causing an uproar in polite society.’
    • ‘The joy of being a woman refers to the ability of a woman to love her mate without reservation thus creating the perfect emotional state for sexual relations.’
    • ‘She is seeking help because she wants to enjoy sexual relations, and although he has never threatened, she doesn't want her husband to leave her.’
    • ‘However, once a permanent relationship is established, casual sexual relations outside of the relationship are not permitted.’
    • ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman.’
    • ‘Fantasizing about people that we can not, should not, or will not be carrying on sexual relations with is damaging to our emotional spirituality.’
    • ‘Most every single adult has sexual relations and sees other nude people regularly - it's not harmful, and in fact it's healthy.’
    • ‘Similarly, the asymmetric attraction of man and woman is lost once sexual relations are homogenized.’
    • ‘First number one, sexual relations are a private kind of relations.’
    • ‘Judges assumed that girls consented to sexual relations, ignoring the vast power differential between a father and his dependents.’
    • ‘There is no question that some Virginia Indians intermarried or engaged in sexual relations with escaped and former slaves over the years.’
    • ‘We have had no sexual relations, but have held each other.’
    • ‘And he said, no, he was aware and he had severed relations - sexual relations with Mark.’
    • ‘In the majority of cases, the woman would not have even known about the possibility of contracting the diseases through sexual relations with her husband.’
    • ‘He ordered them to break off their sexual relations.’
    • ‘Like, for example, her previous sexual relations with other men probably would not be admissible in a court of law.’