Definition of sex typing in English:

sex typing


mass noun
  • 1Sociology Psychology
    The stereotypical categorization of people, or their appearance or behaviour, according to conventional perceptions of what is typical of each sex.

    • ‘These differences become reified through sex typing of jobs and the enactment of work and family structures.’
    • ‘The sex typing of jobs and the accompanying systems of occupational segregation can be seen to constitute one element in the interlocking ‘Gender Order’ which can have the perverse effect of excluding groups of men from paid employment.’
    • ‘Biller also found that father absence adversely affected the sex role identification and sex typing of male children.’
    • ‘Labour market theories that stress segmentation assume a fairly rigid sex typing of occupations and hence a disassociation between employment and pay trends in the separate male and female labour markets.’
  • 2Biology
    The process of determining the sex of a person or other organism, especially in difficult cases where special tests are necessary.

    • ‘Are these methods of sex typing any more or less enlightened than ours in the late twentieth century, where we depend on penile function in males and reproductive function in females?’


sex typing