Definition of sex symbol in English:

sex symbol


  • A person widely noted for their sexual attractiveness.

    ‘being called a sex symbol is better than being called a haddock’
    • ‘Gwen Stefani says she can't consider herself a sex symbol because she still thinks of herself as ‘fat little dorky kid.’’
    • ‘Jamie Fraser, the series' tough-but-tender male protagonist, has become a sex symbol for those who like their men a little older, hairier, and more Scottish than the typical Hollywood stud.’
    • ‘We're fed up of hearing and seeing this old man acting like a sex symbol - which he's not!’
    • ‘It certainly helps that one's a sex symbol and the other's an Oscar-winning director.’
    • ‘‘I didn't know I was thought of as a sex symbol,’ Josh said thoughtfully.’
    • ‘It's likely due to the general image of the male sex symbol in present mainstream advertising and movies: a confident man with a hairless and well-sculpted body being adored by very attractive women.’
    • ‘The sporty 33-year-old modestly shies away from the question of being considered a sex symbol.’
    • ‘Aphrodite be shamed, this girl's beauty surpassed even the mythical sex symbol herself.’
    • ‘Yes, for years, the ‘Baywatch’ beauty has been a sex symbol.’
    • ‘She, above all people, realized that he would be a sex symbol and a heartthrob, and you know, he was initially bashful and kind of rattled by all the attention, but now he has eased into it, and I think he rather enjoys the role.’
    • ‘He was the first man to treat her as an intelligent person, rather than a sex symbol.’
    • ‘In Brazil he's a big sex symbol and has loads of girls chasing him.’
    • ‘News of the '60s sex symbol's minor heart attack came to light after she was forced to pull out of an upcoming movie.’
    • ‘She steamed up the screen as an international sex symbol, but what gets Raquel Welch hot and bothered in real life?’
    • ‘Well you know I'm - I think I was just not, you know, brought up to be with my family background, and my nature, to be a sex symbol.’
    • ‘How does a ninth grade dropout become an international sex symbol?’
    • ‘I begin wondering what would have happened to William Shatner's career if he never became a sex symbol for lack of suitably terrestrial babes to have sex with.’
    • ‘What happens when a Hollywood sex symbol, a glamour queen or a knockout girl next door gets older.’
    • ‘However, Owen doesn't believe girls think he's a sex symbol.’
    • ‘‘For anybody who is ever called a sex symbol, there's always a massive misconception,’ she says.’


sex symbol