Definition of seventh heaven in English:

seventh heaven


  • 1Also with capital initials. The most exalted level of heaven, especially the highest and most holy or blessed of the hierarchical series of heavens described in Jewish and Islamic theology.

  • 2Figurative. A place or state of supreme bliss. Now chiefly in "in seventh heaven": ecstatically happy.


Late Middle English; earliest use found in Ipotis. From seventh + heaven. Compare post-classical Latin septimum caelum, Hellenistic Greek ἕβδομος οὐρανός (2nd cent.), post-biblical Hebrew hārāqīaʿ haššĕḇiʿ i (used in the Midrash (e.g. at Psalm 68:5) to gloss ʿărāḇōṯ highest heaven). With the underlying concept of seven heavens compare also Arabic sabʿa samāwāt seven heavens. Compare earlier heaven of heavens.


seventh heaven

/ˌsɛvnθ ˈhɛvn/