Definition of seventeen in English:


Pronunciation /sɛv(ə)nˈtiːn//ˈsɛv(ə)ntiːn/

cardinal number

  • 1One more than sixteen, or seven more than ten; 17.

    ‘seventeen years later’
    ‘a list of names, seventeen in all’
    • ‘Girls fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen years of age, mere children, are out on the street when they should be in school.’
    • ‘Out of the seventeen people in your household sixteen will survive, but you cannot escape your fate.’
    • ‘All she knew of her roommate was that his name was Lawrence Anders and was seventeen years old.’
    • ‘The heir son was about seventeen years old, and the middle brother was about sixteen.’
    • ‘Exactly seventeen years later, I find myself in a head to head confrontation with the army, while the public at large is jeering and mocking me from the sidelines.’
    • ‘There are seventeen tracks on the UK album version.’
    • ‘At 22 February there were one hundred and fifteen adults in the Workhouse and one hundred and seventeen children’
    • ‘Over half of the seats are filled, with students of about sixteen or seventeen years old.’
    • ‘Sixteen of the hottest seventeen years on record have happened since 1980.’
    • ‘Hannu beat out Rick Schramm with seventeen points on the back nine to Rick's sixteen.’
    • ‘Acting as first minister, the cardinal directed the affairs of France for the next seventeen years.’
    • ‘Take an extra buck or two out of the fund you set aside to buy seventeen Support Our Troops magnets to stick all over your car to show how patriotic you are.’
    • ‘It was bounded by two rivers from seventeen to thirty metres wide, and navigable for boats three to five kilometres.’
    • ‘Most looked like twenty-year-olds and others were maybe sixteen or seventeen years old.’
    • ‘Today I have received ten forms so far, eleven yesterday, sixteen before that, and seventeen the day before that!’
    • ‘I have dropped a lot of names in my seventeen days of blogging - movie stars, artists, political figures.’
    • ‘They each gave a name and number, going in order from one to seventeen.’
    • ‘We had these two youngsters, between sixteen and seventeen years of age, who had only been with us for two weeks when, all of a sudden, we had to do this attack.’
    • ‘And if Mum and Dad did what I asked them to, I'm guessing that you'd be about sixteen or seventeen years old by now.’
    • ‘You are seventeen years old and a senior in high school.’
    1. 1.1 Seventeen years old.
      ‘he joined the Marines at seventeen’
      • ‘He looked to be sixteen or seventeen and he was kind of small.’
      • ‘I met a young pregnant girl, around the age of seventeen.’
      • ‘I looked up from my book and saw this guy who looked like he was around sixteen or seventeen.’
      • ‘He looked about sixteen or seventeen, and his black hair was spiked up.’
      • ‘The girl looked only about sixteen or seventeen, and she did not look healthy at all.’
      • ‘I ask why the memoir stops at the age of seventeen.’
      • ‘He was tall and lanky, with angry dark eyes, and looked about sixteen or seventeen at the most.’
      • ‘He was about sixteen or seventeen when he first became known.’
      • ‘Oh, and did I mention the fact that Vic Fraser was seventeen and I was sixteen?’
      • ‘I first encountered Patti Smith's music in 1985, at the age of seventeen.’
      • ‘But in the beginning of their senior year, at the age of seventeen, no one expects a relationship to last forever.’
      • ‘They had all been drinking even though the majority of them were sixteen and seventeen.’
      • ‘There aren't many things you can do when you're sixteen going on seventeen.’
      • ‘When they met, Monet was seventeen and Boudin thirty-three.’
      • ‘Returning to Britain from Lagos at the age of seventeen, he started art school as a painter.’
      • ‘I'm sixteen years old, but I'll be seventeen in a little more than a month.’
      • ‘My favourite was Tilly Mathewson who worked part-time when I was sixteen or seventeen.’
      • ‘A severe early trauma was when, in 1963 at the age of seventeen, he lost his mother.’
      • ‘The young woman looked around sixteen or seventeen with light brown curls and green eyes.’
      • ‘The California girls, sixteen and seventeen, were old enough to be dating.’
    2. 1.2 A size of garment or other merchandise denoted by seventeen.
    3. 1.3 A set or team of seventeen individuals.
      • ‘Forty teams representing ten schools competed in this year's semi-finals with the top seventeen qualifying for the final.’


Old English seofontīene, from the Germanic base of seven.