Definition of settle one's affairs (or estate) in English:

settle one's affairs (or estate)


  • Make any necessary arrangements, such as writing a will, before one's death.

    • ‘Therefore I advise him to consider of it, and settle his affairs in time.’
    • ‘You have one hour to settle your affairs, and make any preparations.’
    • ‘Please, let me go back to Rome to settle my affairs and say goodbye to my family.’
    • ‘By the time we traveled from Fyn to Pomen, Jerry had already settled his affairs and met us at the home of Durant's brother, James.’
    • ‘Damon obtains a respite of two months to return home in order to settle his affairs.’
    • ‘During the meal, Ralph began to talk about how he wanted to settle his estate, but Alex wants to avoid the subject.’
    • ‘Venning said: ‘He'd had a stroke by the time he wrote it and there's a sense he was looking to settle his affairs.’’
    • ‘Though she was loathe to return to the city, she needed to settle her affairs there.’
    • ‘You settle your affairs and go home as soon as possible.’
    • ‘Some return only to settle their affairs prior to leaving again.’