Definition of set to work in English:

set to work

(also set someone to work)


  • Begin or cause to begin work.

    ‘the owners set to work itemizing what was wrong’
    • ‘Ferretti liked what he saw, signed them up and set them to work immediately on their next collection.’
    • ‘Now that they are on holiday, give them a torch and set them to work.’
    • ‘At the same time Pope Julius II commissioned Raphael, he also set Michelangelo to work for four long years painting the 10,000 square foot ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.’
    • ‘Andrea was one of four children, and as usual with Italians of artistic temperament, he was set to work under the eye of a goldsmith.’
    • ‘So the necessary equipment was bought and M Gaget was set to work.’
    • ‘An Irish person could register a company in any other country, bring in workers from that country, set them to work and pay them wages according to the regulations in the other country.’