Definition of set to in English:

set to

phrasal verb

  • 1Begin doing something vigorously.

    ‘she set to with bleach and scouring pads to render the vases spotless’
    • ‘He bows good bye and sets to climb down the mountain side.’
    • ‘He exits the room, locking it behind him, and sets to find Basil's things so he can burn them.’
    • ‘Later, once I'm fully dressed, I spy on him from the living room, as he dons an apron and sets to the task of dishwashing.’
    • ‘Assuming her son killed him after a fight, she quickly sets to the task of covering up the murder to protect her son.’
  • 2(of a dancer) acknowledge another dancer, typically one's partner, using the steps prescribed.

    ‘the gentleman sets to and turns with the lady on his left hand’