Definition of set the agenda in English:

set the agenda


  • 1Draw up a list of items to be discussed at a meeting.

    ‘the council had set the agenda for the forthcoming summit’
    • ‘The presidency of the council and the right to chair and set the agenda for council meetings changes hands every six months.’
    • ‘Each team member would take a turn setting the agenda for the meeting and leading it.’
    • ‘I served as a group facilitator, which involved setting the agenda, leading the discussions, and following up on the questions raised during our meetings.’
    • ‘The WTO ministerial meeting was to set the agenda and scope of the next round of global trade liberalization talks, but the meeting ended in failure.’
    • ‘And here's an opportunity to set the agenda for the meeting, the venue and even the menu on the table.’
    • ‘The requirements of the World Medical Association including freedom to set the agenda for the meeting and a guarantee that invited guests and speakers would get visas were not met, and the meeting was cancelled.’
    • ‘Coreper plays an important part in EC decision-making, in part because it will consider and digest draft legislative proposals that emanate from the Commission, and in part because it helps to set the agenda for Council meetings.’
    • ‘It is clear from the evidence of both Ms. Billes and Mr. Wright that Fred Billes set the agenda at those meetings.’
    • ‘If there is a weekly meeting that needs to be organized, it doesn't have to be the team leader that sets the agenda and keeps the meeting on track.’
    • ‘The Senate's permanent committee will hold a meeting next Tuesday to set the agenda of the bill for a full session of the upper house, said Nhem Ren, deputy director of the administration department.’
    1. 1.1 Influence or determine a programme of action.
      ‘he has set the agenda for future work in this field’
      • ‘People talk about multinational influence in politics setting the agenda, and while this is true to an extent, it isn't the whole picture.’
      • ‘Too often, it seems, it is the ones determined to do the breaking who set the agenda and make the headlines.’
      • ‘It has been a week in which the unions set the agenda more determinedly than at any recent Labour conference.’
      • ‘The first comprehensive survey of mountain Cloud Forests has just been published setting the agenda for a program of work to protect them.’
      • ‘The decision-making structures of all three institutions continue to ensure that the major industrialised countries, led by the United States, and influenced by their corporations, set the agenda.’
      • ‘He confirmed on Radio 4's Today programme that he did believe women were setting the agenda in almost every walk of life.’
      • ‘The authors touch upon the importance of actors influencing and setting the agenda on biotechnology.’
      • ‘As a reporter, she has spent her life setting the agenda and seems determined to continue to do so in our time together.’
      • ‘By setting the agenda and influencing judgments, innovations become targets of imitation.’
      • ‘Coverage of juvenile crime can influence public attitudes about crime prevention programs and set the agenda for public-policy making and funding.’