Definition of set something up in English:

set something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Place or erect something in position.

    ‘police set up a roadblock on Lower Thames Street’
    • ‘Central computers could be set up in police stations with satellite computers covering different districts, towns or even single streets.’
    • ‘Police barricades were set up to keep the crowd under control.’
    • ‘To spin the wheels, they are set up in position with liquids on the ground.’
    • ‘But in cases of severe repeat offending, a mobile camera operated by police officers will be set up in the area.’
    • ‘He tipped the rifle over the edge of the building, setting the bipod up, and positioned his suitcase as a seat, sitting on top of it.’
    • ‘An all points bulletin was immediately issued for the car and several roadblocks were set up, but the police came up empty-handed.’
    • ‘Both carriageways were blocked for more than eight hours and diversions were set up while police investigated the accident.’
    • ‘In other areas, police road blocks were set up near polls to intimidate voters.’
    • ‘At the Dubliner that Friday, a massive white tent had been erected in the parking lot, and portable heaters were set up on the concrete to fend off the March chill.’
    • ‘Microphones and lights were set up and cameras positioned in readiness.’
    erect, put up, construct, build, raise, elevate
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  • 2Establish a business, institution, or other organization.

    ‘she set up the business with a £4,000 bank loan’
    ‘clergy have a prime role in setting up schools’
    • ‘Many organizations have been set up by Grenadian Americans in the United States whose main objective is to send monies for support back to the Island.’
    • ‘Community police forums have been set up in almost every town in the country.’
    • ‘Every working day this year 80 businesses will be set up, so that by the end of the year there will be 20,000 new enterprises fighting it out, according to Bank of Ireland.’
    • ‘But other institutions were set up alongside the Security Council, which were also developments from the arrangements of the League.’
    • ‘Nobody, no matter how good she or he is, can be responsible for establishing a programme, setting it up, running it, and evaluating it themselves.’
    • ‘Building societies were set up as mutual institutions, which means that those with accounts become members and have certain rights to vote on issues affecting the society.’
    • ‘In England and Wales borough and country police forces were set up under the control of local magistrates in 1835 and 1839 respectively.’
    • ‘Some of our main institutions were set up under British occupation in the 1920s, and there is still a British cemetery near Basra.’
    • ‘Since then a youth club has been set up and police say the problems seem to have died down.’
    • ‘Some rehabilitation centers have been set up by non-profit organizations to help those who escaped.’
    establish, start, begin, get going, initiate, institute, found, create, bring into being, inaugurate, lay the foundations of
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    1. 2.1 Make the arrangements necessary for something.
      ‘he asked if I would like him to set up a meeting with the president’
      • ‘At this time, there is a main council meeting, and committee heads go over the budget, then more meetings are set up and the committee heads go over the whole budget, describing line by line what everything is.’
      • ‘Follow-up refresher meetings were set up 1 week later, every 2 weeks for 2 months, and once a month for 3 months.’
      • ‘However, an arranged marriage was set up with a cousin, whom she had never met before, in Pakistan when she was 19.’
      • ‘We are trying to set a meeting up with residents as we feel we can bend over backwards to meet their concerns.’
      • ‘An annual series of meetings will be set up to consider local and regional community problems.’
      • ‘Following six months of meetings and negotiations, an arrangement was set up whereby up to 10,000 farmers had either part or the whole of their debts written off.’
      • ‘Public meetings have been set up to explain the move to tenants.’
      • ‘Interim arrangements will be set up to cover those currently paying into other acceptable future savings vehicles.’
      • ‘She did email back to apologise and try and set another meeting up, but I've heard nothing now for 2 weeks.’
      • ‘A baggage boss at Manchester Airport was caught red-handed stealing from luggage after a sting operation was set up by police.’
      arrange, organize, fix, fix up, fix a time for, schedule, timetable, sort out, line up
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  • 3Begin making a loud sound.

    ‘a colony of monkeys had set up a racket in the canopy’