Definition of set something down in English:

set something down

phrasal verb

  • 1Record something in writing.

    ‘that evening he set down his thoughts in brief notes’
    • ‘He has been asked so many times by family and friends to tell his tales of railway days that he has set them down on paper.’
    • ‘David Hume set his ideas down here; it was in his home city that William Smellie published the first Encyclopaedia Britannica in the 1760s.’
    • ‘It is a sentence written by someone who is writing on automatic pilot, putting down the thoughts pretty much as they popped into her head, and not bothering to arrange them in a sensible order once they were set down on paper.’
    • ‘However, the awful, inescapable truth is that, having ordered my emotions enough to set them down in words, I almost immediately started to feel better.’
    • ‘I have yet to set them down, so am unable to defend my dreams and visions.’
    • ‘But if he would scarcely answer, because it was set down in his notebook.’
    • ‘In one of the better sections of his book, Man takes us into this fascinating moment in history - where an oral, nomadic culture decides to set its stories down.’
    • ‘These words were set down in his famous work, ‘Self-destruction of Self-destruction.’’
    • ‘Some of the writing had faded and the writer would know the breed, size, colour, age and many other details without having to set them down.’
    • ‘Thoughts come fast, so fast that it is difficult to set them down in words.’
    write down, put in writing, put down, put down on paper, put in black and white, jot down, note down, make a note of
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    1. 1.1 Establish something as a rule or principle to be followed.
      ‘the Association set down codes of practice for all members to comply with’
      • ‘I'll just have to set ground rules down in terms of what time I leave the office.’
      • ‘In 1995 guidelines were set down for isolation rooms, infection control, general hygiene and hand washing but nobody was recruited to oversee compliance and as a result nobody was to blame.’
      • ‘An exhaustive set of conditions or rules were set down including one which describes the lengths to which anonymity was preserved in some of the composition competitions, and where pseudonyms were to be used.’
      • ‘That process will be set in motion, as I've already mentioned, next Tuesday and once set in motion, and once the rules are set down, it will all simply follow automatically.’
      • ‘It may be imposed ‘during the pendency’ of disciplinary charges, but no standards are set down to guide that determination.’
      • ‘Some new rules have been set down as a result of this year's congress meeting.’
      • ‘He said the Council couldn't increase the level of fines imposed on people, who illegally dumped rubbish, as they were set down in legislation.’
      formulate, draw up, establish, frame
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