Definition of set someone against in English:

set someone against

phrasal verb

  • Cause someone to be in opposition or conflict with.

    ‘he hadn't meant any harm but his few words had set her against him’
    • ‘He wanted to set me against him, to get me to say something stupid to John, to force John to choose between me and him.’
    • ‘There is no place for the kind of Government that sets New Zealanders against each other.’
    • ‘It tries to set us against each other and changes all the time.’
    • ‘This culture courts distrust of other people: making us suspicious of others and their motivations for action, and setting us against each other.’
    • ‘Ahab, on the other hand, is a spoiler, whose obsession with the white whale sets him against this process, morally and materially.’
    • ‘Now, 9 months later, we have a complicated bill that sets New Zealander against New Zealander.’
    • ‘It was the bitter resentment of an unhappy childhood that set Butler against all dogma, all overweening authority and authoritarianism.’
    • ‘During a 1946 labor strike heavily infiltrated by communists, Reagan felt Marxism's heavy boot, an experience that would permanently set him against tyranny.’
    • ‘All of my instincts set me against the government's proposed move to outlaw incitement to religious hatred.’
    • ‘You want to know what has set Sir Prescott against me?’
    alienate from, estrange from, cause to dislike
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