Definition of set list in English:

set list


  • A list of the songs that a band or singer intends to perform at a particular concert.

    • ‘Someone is always by his side to pass him the next track on his set-list.’
    • ‘There are a few basic rules to making a good mix / set list.’
    • ‘It's a fifteen song set-list of pop-culture standards spanning the last forty years and three Johnny Cash tunes, one of them new.’
    • ‘Charlie began to strum the opening strains of Murderer of the Masses, the next song on the set list.’
    • ‘You watch the musicians, knowing there's been no rehearsal beyond a soundcheck, no set list, no score to follow.’
    • ‘At each show, you will see people scribbling down song titles as soon as the first note is struck in order to record an accurate setlist.’
    • ‘He prefers to keep those songs off the set list.’
    • ‘A few new songs blended seamlessly into a set list which otherwise stuck fairly firmly to last Saturday night's running order.’
    • ‘Here is the set list for that concert.’
    • ‘A basic measure, calculated using many concert set lists, is to simply count the number of times a given song is played over all concerts.’
    • ‘The third component is the second set list, which is known for fewer songs and extended improvisational sessions.’
    • ‘Now a major-label release, this version adds five tracks to the original set list.’
    • ‘I bet when the original band got back together this song was never discussed to be put in the set list.’
    • ‘Cornwell has even stuffed half his set list with reworked versions of the Stranglers ' staples.’
    • ‘They've been sticking to the same setlist, a mixture of all three albums.’
    • ‘With members of just about every Moncton band, past and present, in attendance, Slayer cranked out pretty much the same setlist as they did in Halifax.’
    • ‘A pulse of excitement grips the indie nation, the chatrooms buzz with fantasy set lists for the band's Hyde Park shows next summer.’
    • ‘Wisely, the group dropped the ballads from their set list and went with a solid 60 minutes of upbeat classics.’
    • ‘Trimming our songs down to a setlist has proved really difficult, of course, particularly when people have preferences.’
    • ‘Luckily for me, though, the set list emphasized the band's musicality more than its industrial roots.’