Definition of Servite in English:



  • A friar or nun of the Catholic religious order of the Servants of Blessed Mary, founded in 1233.

    • ‘Vasari writes that when Perugino completed his Assumption of the Virgin for the high altar, the Servites found it so boring that they turned it to face away from the public congregation space.’
    • ‘With characteristic hyperbole, the Servites remarked that it was one of the finest works Poccetti had ever executed.’
    • ‘For all these services Piero stipulated that the Servites were to receive seven forms out his thirty-five-form donation.’
    • ‘As an aristocratic Florentine order, the Servites naturally appealed to the wealthy patrons of the city.’
    • ‘By September, the Servites had paved the portico on the south side and half the portico on the west side, purchased shutters and a window, and had new plaster laid.’


  • Relating to the Servite order.

    • ‘Sarpi, a Servite friar, is best known for his activities as official theologian to the Republic of Venice in 1606.’
    • ‘Poccetti first enters the records of the Servite monastery as early as 1588, as one of their tenants.’
    • ‘An illegitimate scion of the noble Ariosti family, he entered the Servite monastery in Bologna (as Frate Ottavio) in 1688.’


From medieval Latin Servitae (plural), from Latin, from Servi Beatae Mariae, the formal title of the order (see above).