Definition of service line in English:

service line


  • 1(in tennis, badminton, and other sports) a line on a court marking the limit of the area into which the ball must be served.

    • ‘After a four-set loss to Italy in their first game, the Americans put on an impressive show on defense and especially at the service line.’
    • ‘With a bit of clever footwork we managed to get great seats right behind the service line so he'd see our flag.’
    • ‘A double fault on 15-30 gives Serena two match points - and she duly converts them when Mauresmo fires a forehand wide of the service line.’
    • ‘The wind forced the players to step back several times from the service line and dodge paper and plastic debris blowing onto the court from the stands.’
    • ‘It's supposed to be 21 feet from the net to the service line and then 18 feet to the baseline.’
    1. 1.1 (especially in handball and paddleball) a line on a court marking the boundary of the area in which the server must be standing when serving.