Definition of service contract in English:

service contract


  • A business agreement between a contractor and customer covering the maintenance and servicing of equipment over a specified period.

    • ‘Maintenance and service contracts with those customers currently account for about 60 percent of Baan's revenues.’
    • ‘It makes sense to have a service contract covering the IT hardware in your office so that you get an instant response to any technical difficulties and get replacement hardware quickly.’
    • ‘The Company's customers may terminate most service contracts for a variety of reasons, either immediately or upon notice of a future date.’
    • ‘The company, which was formed in 1975, is also looking at expansion opportunities in Brazil and remains focused on signing long-term maintenance and service contracts with national and international customers.’
    • ‘The MHB have also agreed to provide a service contract for the machine.’
    • ‘It is so significant that Ellen Equipment puts the transponders on the equipment at no charge - providing the contractor signs a multiple-year service contract.’
    • ‘The military has extended service contracts for construction equipment and machines are dismantled down to the frame and completely rebuilt, extending their life by two or three times.’
    • ‘In that same building, he says, the average service contract cost per year per elevator would be $8,000 to $9,000.’
    • ‘When you buy weapons from the United States, do you get a service contract?’
    • ‘And it's all covered by the service contract, so I shall not have a nasty bill to pay at the end of the month.’
    • ‘They have an elevator maintenance contract, and an air conditioning and heating service contract together with a fire alarm contract.’
    • ‘So we have national companies putting up new antennae on lots of towers, and offering a monthly service contract.’
    • ‘On this note, an easy way to train your operators is to allow them to watch the factory-trained techs performing maintenance tasks while a machine is under a service contract.’
    • ‘‘Our long term goal is to be viewed purely as a high-growth mechanical engineering company with maintenance and service contracts,’ said Lumsden.’
    • ‘An annual service contract to inspect the heating system could also serve to lower rates.’
    • ‘It also claims Best Buy also failed to honor rebates, refund and exchange programs and service contracts.’
    • ‘The landlord had entered into a service contract for the lift with a competent firm of engineers and the lift had recently been serviced.’
    • ‘When buying a server you should make sure that someone inside your organisation knows how to recover from common problems and that you have a service contract with a qualified engineer who will respond swiftly to major ones.’
    • ‘So, it's very difficult to find the same service contract in the next period.’
    • ‘So, just as important as the machine itself is the warranty or service contract that comes with it.’