Definition of serve one's/its turn in English:

serve one's/its turn


  • Be useful or helpful.

    ‘now that they have served their turn, cut some of them out’
    ‘suppressing his ire would hardly serve his turn at this juncture’
    • ‘It also confined him as a novelist to a style and mode of fiction that served its turn, but now seems embedded as a ‘cultural event’, as some like to say, as much as work we read because we like fiction.’
    • ‘‘Then I'll look up; my fault is past,’ he took a steadying breath, ‘But, O, what form of prayer can serve my turn?’’
    • ‘The charges against her were preposterous and she denied them with dignity, but she had never been popular and they served their turn.’
    • ‘History throws individuals away once they have served their turn.’
    • ‘If I could only get a single good, meaty sentence which seemed to convey some sort of definite human idea, it would serve my turn.’
    • ‘His section is the most aristocratic of the parties at present, and I doubt if it would serve my turn to follow his example.’
    • ‘His stupidity served his turn on this occasion better than cunning would have done.’
    • ‘If the play makes the public aware that there are such people as phoneticians, and that they are among its most important people in England at present, it will serve its turn.’