Definition of serried in English:



  • attributive (of rows of people or things) standing close together.

    ‘serried ranks of soldiers’
    ‘the serried rows of vines’
    • ‘Here vegetation tends towards dark and spiky lushness, though Darwin itself is trim, its greenery coiffed, its palm trees serried in wind-ruffled ranks around the shoreline.’
    • ‘Now, from the window of his home in Dennistoun he can see the serried tombs of the wealthy dead in the city's Necropolis.’
    • ‘We may judge the effect from the serried assortment of military badges and other devices on Fovant Down in Wiltshire.’
    • ‘The Fat Duck's kitchen is so small that a lot of the storage is in garden sheds, lined up in serried rows outside.’
    • ‘For no less than three miles this vast upland of hillocks and brows roll on, serried knolls which appear to stretch onwards into infinity.’
    • ‘As soon as motorists get used to counting two cameras before putting their foot down, it will be necessary to install three in a row, then four and so on until the whole county is covered by serried ranks of cameras.’
    • ‘Archives are imagined as dusty places; serried rows of boxes, books or film canisters shrouded in a fine, grey-white cloak.’
    • ‘It is not serried ranks of highly cultivated flowers - it is more naturalistic, with a bit of colour here and there.’
    • ‘He proposed an intervention in central Paris that would see serried ranks of multi-storey blocks dissected with super-highways, replacing the grand boulevards of Housmann.’
    • ‘Next to the pretty basic motel where I stayed was a shop selling and renting electric wheelchairs, and there they were in their serried hundreds.’
    • ‘In truth, there was something deliciously comic, not to say ironic, in the sight of the multicoloured carnival being paraded in front of serried ranks of the black-clad international fashion clan.’
    • ‘The heart demands effort, effort to recover those distraught, terrified, agonizing, serried bundles of kin who we imagine to actually await impatiently for rescue.’
    • ‘Round two long tables were gathered two serried crowds of human beings, all save one having their faces and attention bent on the tables.’
    • ‘Personally, I rather like those serried rows of cabbages and leeks.’
    • ‘After the mysterious disappearance of the world's most famous scientists, New York comes under attack from flying giant robots that land on Broadway and march in serried ranks through the city's narrow streets.’
    • ‘Stolidly they sat, the serried soldiers, clean-shaven, square-jawed, looking slightly bored and, in at least one case that I spotted, rhythmically chewing gum.’
    • ‘Teenagers admit they have no interest in voting, while, outside the Republican and Democrat conventions, protesters face serried ranks of armed police.’
    • ‘To put young adolescents into serried rows of desks for hour upon hour is just not any way to learn at all.’
    • ‘He reorganised the players in serried tiers in a vain attempt to let them hear one another.’
    • ‘The grey, flinty slopes covered in the serried ranks of vineyards, gave way to the high pastures, the Alpine meadows, which nourished the famed milch cattle of Switzerland.’
    close together, packed together, close-set, dense, tight, compact
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Mid 17th century: past participle of serry ‘press close’, probably from French serré ‘close together’, based on Latin sera ‘lock’.