Definition of serration in English:



usually serrations
  • A tooth or point of a serrated edge or surface.

    ‘a heavy-duty knife with sawtooth serrations’
    • ‘The aggressive serrations enable the knife to waltz through tough Manila or polypro lines neatly.’
    • ‘It may not be so clear in this particular fossil but those serrations are teeth!’
    • ‘Large, worn serrations are present on both the anterior and posterior edges of the crown.’
    • ‘Its teeth lacked the usual serrations along the edges found in other two-legged carnivorous dinosaurs.’
    • ‘In addition, the number of marginal serrations was scored only in seventh leaves.’
    • ‘And finally, because the embryos had poorly developed teeth, they lacked the most characteristic Troodon feature - teeth with unusually large and distinctive serrations.’
    • ‘The left canine preserves serrations along its posterior margin.’
    • ‘And, in the original description, a special point is made that Protarchaeopteryx teeth are characterized by the lack of serrations.’
    • ‘The organogenic phase occurs when the leaf primordium initiates all the leaflets, lobes, and serrations seen in the mature leaf.’
    • ‘The important variables in the analysis were edge shape, width-to-thickness ratio, and serrations.’
    • ‘Similar to conventional teeth, the points of the serrations provide more pressure for penetrating into hard-packed soil.’
    • ‘The points of the serrations concentrate force while the little concave sections between these points offer more cutting surface.’
    • ‘The tip of his lance got caught by the serrations of her sword, and he wrenched it out of her grasp, thinking he had won.’
    • ‘Nor did the ancient crocodiles have tooth serrations of correct size and spacing to have made drag marks observed on some of the best-preserved bones.’
    • ‘Also, the animal's teeth lack small serrations that appear on many of the meat-shearing, daggerlike teeth of this dinosaur's carnivorous cousins.’
    • ‘He turned the knife over so that the serrations were along the outer edge.’
    • ‘Spinosaurines are characterized by very straight teeth lacking serrations, and lack the derived increase in dentary tooth number.’
    • ‘The teeth are closely spaced and positioned so that the serrations are obliquely oriented relative to the long axis of the tooth row.’
    • ‘Most mill files are made for right-handed people, and the serrations are angled so they will grip the steel only when pushed in a left-to-right, forward motion.’
    • ‘Buffing the back, or flat side of the serrations ever so lightly will refresh the edge.’