Definition of serrano in English:



  • A small green chilli pepper of a very hot variety.

    • ‘She indicated a divided tray containing pico de gallo, yogurt, sour cream, pickled serranos, green olives stuffed with bits of manzana, fresh tomatoes, and guacamole.’
    • ‘Peppers can be classified into two groups: mild or sweet, such as bell, pimento and sweet wax, and hot or pungent, such as jalapeño, serrano and Hungarian wax.’
    • ‘If you use jalapeños, it retains most of its heat but if you use serranos, it is very mild by the next day.’
    • ‘And I'd be interested in experimenting with other kinds of peppers in this dish - serranos, maybe - and perhaps oyster mushrooms…’
    • ‘Mexicans use Serranos wherever Jalapenos just aren't hot enough to do the job.’
    • ‘The one-note limeyness of the dish made cilantro, serrano and onion almost beside the point.’
    • ‘Jalapenos turn red; serranos can go red, orange, brown, or yellow.’
    • ‘When jalapeños are no longer enough, move up the heat scale to the serrano.’
    • ‘With their slightly fruity taste and delayed bite, serranos are ideal for fresh salsas like pico de gallo.’
    • ‘He popped another serrano into his mouth and chewed with evident relish.’


From Spanish, literally ‘of the mountains, highlander’.