Definition of serpentinization in English:


(British serpentinisation)


  • See serpentinize

    • ‘It should be noted that these values represent a minimum, as both igneous additions to the crust and mantle serpentinization can generate additional ‘crust’ (in terms of density and hence subsidence behaviour).’
    • ‘If the P detachment is associated with the onset of serpentinization, the switch from symmetrical to asymmetric (locally simple shear) extension may also be related to the onset of mantle serpentinization.’
    • ‘This would best be done by careful engineering - geological mapping of rock exposures, recording dip and direction of joints and faults and noting areas of brecciation and serpentinisation.’
    • ‘We have argued above that the extension of the crust, and uplift and serpentinization of the mantle, must have happened very shortly after crustal construction.’
    • ‘Once extension of the adjacent crust ceases, fluid penetration through the crust is hindered and active serpentinization beneath the continental crust ceases.’