Definition of serological in English:



  • See serology

    • ‘Chronic viral liver disease may be detected as a result of finding abnormal liver biochemistry during serological testing of asymptomatic patients in high risk groups or as a result of the complications of cirrhosis.’
    • ‘Relegated to serological realms, and with medical practitioners generally using saline, blood-typing was virtually ignored by clinicians.’
    • ‘For an additional list of serological and immunological laboratory testing, participants were asked to indicate if each test was performed in either the didactic or clinical setting, or not performed at all.’
    • ‘Children who present with overlapping features of both nephrotic and nephritic syndromes should undergo thorough serological testing to narrow down the differential diagnosis.’
    • ‘Early intervention using more sophisticated screening tests, serological measures, or novel biophysical parameters needs to be explored.’