Definition of serio-comic in English:



  • Combining the serious and the comic; serious in intention but humorous in manner or vice versa.

    ‘a telling serio-comic critique’
    • ‘It begins as a serio-comic meditation on people's willingness to tolerate intimacy and accommodate the drives of their neighbours, before shifting into darker territory.’
    • ‘Pickford plays her customarily plucky heroine in a serio-comic role that borrows as much from Chaplin as it does the German expressionists of the period (check out that cinematography and the often-stunning chiaroscuro lighting).’
    • ‘As Sophie, the druggie flatmate, she brings the right level of emotional distance her part, a darkly moulded background eccentric typical of Leigh's serio-comic work.’
    • ‘Actually there's only one narrative poem in ‘Other Worlds’, and that is this rather black comic tale of homicide, ‘Volcano Vertigo’, which I think was written in a sort of spirit of serio-comic gusto.’
    • ‘So he was always going to have a serio-comic go at all that.’
    • ‘Col. Blimp is not really a war movie, since it has no battle scenes, other than one excellent serio-comic sword fight.’
    • ‘He is currently the toast of Broadway, taking on a serio-comic role in A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.’
    • ‘But while these are serio-comic documentaries, The Son's Room is not played for so many laughs.’
    • ‘A collection of short stories, On the Yankee Station, appeared in 1981 and was followed by An Ice-Cream War, a serio-comic tale set in East Africa during the First World War.’
    • ‘This could lead into the territory covered by Pirandello in his play, 6 Characters in Search of an Author, and there is potential for a serio-comic production of the opera which could explore this.’
    • ‘Still, its characters are drawn so honestly, it continues to play as a decent serio-comic character study nearly twenty years later.’
    • ‘Eventually, when the serio-comic tone of the film finally shifts completely over into the somber, the movie runs out of energy and limps along to its overdone, far too false start-stop conclusion.’
    • ‘They have a serio-comic essay in Slate about the divergent paths that former politicians take in the United States and Europe.’
    • ‘They set out to make a serio-comic documentary with an authentic voice.’
    • ‘Using traced photos, Breslin's snapshot style gets at the scenario's serio-comic complications.’