Definition of serial sectioning in English:

serial sectioning


  • See serial section

    • ‘On serial sectioning, a 7 cm in diameter, partially encapsulated, multiloculated, cystic and solid, tan-yellow mass containing approximately 30 mL of serosanguinous fluid was noted.’
    • ‘Users may interact with the program to rotate the 3-dimensional image about any axis and to simulate serial sectioning of the 3-dimensional image along any plane.’
    • ‘Seven patients were excluded from the study group because of inadequate serial sectioning and/or staining, resulting in a final study group of 84 patients.’
    • ‘To determine the presence or absence of a ventral median septum, it is crucial to investigate carefully the lamellar shell layer in the apical areas of both young and adult forms, especially using the technique of serial sectioning.’
    • ‘From a series of more than 600 myomas detected by serial sectioning of 100 hysterectomy specimens at 2-mm intervals 8 a group of 237 myomas measuring less than 1 cm was used to initiate this study.’