Definition of serial killing in English:

serial killing


  • 1One of a series of murders, typically having similar characteristics, that are committed by the same person.

    ‘a man has been arrested in connection with the Suffolk serial killings’
    • ‘This man is suspected of serial killings of five Louisiana women.’
    • ‘Tomorrow night, we'll look at the Green River serial killings.’
    • ‘He is cast in a small, but respectable role of a police inspector investigating the serial killings.’
    • ‘Police acknowledged having few clues or eyewitness accounts to solve one of the most frightening serial killings in memory.’
    • ‘So he's more of a catalyst in the movie, centering around a story that's based on a serial killing.’
    • ‘You've spent a lot of your professional career studying these kinds of people who may be engaged in spree killings or serial killings.’
    • ‘The murders are believed to be Australia's worst ever serial killings.’
    • ‘One of his many stats I plan to catalogue is that more serial killings occur in Hollywood movies than have occurred in real life.’
    • ‘She was found guilty of murdering seven of her patients and the attempted murder of three others in a country unfamiliar with serial killings.’
    • ‘In all serial killings, the killers had experienced some psycho-social developmental problem that made them fantasise.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The action of committing a series of murders, each typically having similar characteristics.
      ‘his current case concerns the serial killing of young women who are first sedated, then murdered’
      • ‘Could there be any other mental condition implicated in serial killing, other than psychopathy or APD?’
      • ‘Serial killing, a rare and headline-grabbing crime, is not well understood.’
      • ‘The former nurse is accused of killing her patients in a serial killing spree that may have claimed more than 20 lives in a three-month period.’
      • ‘There is a long and well-documented connection between animal cruelty and human serial killing.’
      • ‘Either way, the disease of serial killing is on the rise, especially with alcoholism and drug abuse being at an all time high.’
      • ‘The crimes for which the Death Sentence can be awarded in America are numerous, ranging from rape to serial killing.’
      • ‘Yes, guilt can lead to alienation and alienation can lead to serial killing.’
      • ‘But today the idea of serial killing as a symptom of harmless eccentricity seems somewhat faded.’
      • ‘These are the key figures in the serial killing case that shocked Britain.’
      • ‘Sure, he seems a poster boy for all this is wrong with the world, but there are so many other examples of serial killing that should trump him.’