Definition of Serenissima in English:



La Serenissima" or "the Serenissima
  • A name for Venice.

    ‘the Serenissima's seafaring past’
    • ‘Citizens referred to it as " the most serene republic of Venice ", or simply the" Serenissima " (the Most Serene).’
    • ‘For 1,000 years ' La Serenissima ', as the Venetian Republic was known, used military force to carve out one of the world's most successful trading empires.’
    • ‘La Serenissima is alive with bells.’
    • ‘In the week before Lent, "La Serenissima" offers a wondrous show on a wonderful stage.’
    • ‘It is to the painting's credit that Roberts was able to transfer his vision of the Serenissima to the city in which he lived and worked.’


Italian, feminine of serenissimo ‘most serene’.