Definition of sequentially in English:



  • By forming or following a logical order or sequence.

    ‘the receipts were numbered sequentially as 46 and 47’
    ‘the audio stream must be processed sequentially’
    • ‘Books, unlike paintings, must be apprehended sequentially, line by line, rather than instantaneously.’
    • ‘For existing structures, multiple generations of renovations can be recorded sequentially in one model.’
    • ‘By using different, elite genetic lines of queens sequentially, bee breeders can avoid inbred colonies.’
    • ‘The film was shot sequentially, something almost unheard of in film.’
    • ‘I made him listen to this album 10 times sequentially.’
    • ‘Sequentially numbered slabs can be kept together through the finishing process to provide matched patterns in the final installation.’
    • ‘The show's principal divisions ran parallel in time, not sequentially.’
    • ‘The streets are sited so that storm water runs sequentially through grass swales, then through prairie, and then to the wetlands.’
    • ‘To further complicate matters, not all business cycles go through these four steps sequentially.’
    • ‘New Bedford began as a farming settlement and then sequentially became involved in maritime industries, factory production, and light manufacturing.’