Definition of septuplet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛptjʊplɪt//sɛpˈtjuːplɪt/


  • 1usually septupletsEach of seven children born at one birth.

    • ‘When she gave birth to septuplets, she became an instant heroine.’
    • ‘A father whose wife gave birth to septuplets and had in the past lost two children has thanked God for the new additions to his family.’
    • ‘Such excitement has not occurred since 1998, when the first known set of live septuplets occurred in the United States.’
    • ‘You've heard of the quintuplets born in California and the septuplets in Iowa, but what about the mom who recently gave birth to 18 in Utah?’
    • ‘When I sat down to watch the Academy Award nominations in my apartment, I felt as if I was birthing septuplets.’
    • ‘We haven't seen this many reporters since that lady gave birth to septuplets.’
    • ‘Most extremely high-order multiples, like the McCaughey septuplets, occur when the woman is given fertility drugs and her doctor fails to recognize how many eggs she has produced.’
    • ‘Sierra and Dominic were having a little trouble with the septuplets, you might wanna plug your ears.’
    • ‘She nodded, leading the septuplets inside.’
  • 2Music
    A group of seven notes to be performed in the time of four or six.


Late 19th century: from late Latin septuplus (see septuple), on the pattern of words such as triplet.