Definition of seppo in English:



derogatory, informal
  • An American person.

    ‘did you hear how loud that seppo was on the train?’
    as modifier ‘Happy Thanksgiving to all our seppo friends’
    • ‘I asked the driver how the surf had been and he promised me with a wry grin that it was too much for a "seppo" like me to handle.’
    • ‘I had to apologise profusely to an offended American after she called him a "seppo" to his face.’
    • ‘I've never heard a seppo do the accent well.’
    • ‘It's so nice to see an Aussie film that doesn't dive into the Australian stereotypes of every character, in an effort to pull in the seppo audience.’
    • ‘Australian film producers are hiring washed-up seppos to star in a local film in a desperate, ultimately futile attempt to whack a few bums on seats.’
    • ‘If you are a seppo, please don't give the ending away if the show's already over where you are.’
    • ‘He's keeping a low profile in case there's any seppoes around the place who want him for Thanksgiving.’
    • ‘It's currently fetching $40.25 seppo dollars, which is all kinds of alarming.’
    • ‘Despite only having about four people in it, the cast is distinctly multi-national, with a pom, a seppo, and an Australian playing key parts.’
    • ‘He comes to us fresh from his ongoing role in that most witty of seppo sitcoms, so you just know he's at the top of his game.’


1980s: abbreviation of septic tank, rhyming slang for Yank.