Definition of sephira in English:



  • (in the Kabbalah) each of the ten attributes or emanations surrounding the infinite and by means of which it relates to the finite. They are represented as spheres on the Tree of Life.

    • ‘This idea of separation or exile from divinity mirrors very closely the use of the Abyss on the modern Tree to divide the sephiroth representing a human being from the sephiroth representing God.’
    • ‘I've been working under the impression that none of the sephira are specifically ‘light’ or ‘dark’, but contain an amount of each.’
    • ‘In modern or popular Kabbalah we have those practitioners who have added the idea of both an eleventh sephira and the notion of the dark side of the tree.’
    • ‘Next is the Sephira of the Self, the Holon of the Ego, the sephira that denotes how we are both one whole and yet a single part amongst many.’
    • ‘One thing that could be fun to start with would be everybody suggesting songs to represent each sephira.’
    • ‘The Kabbalah speaks of visions of the sephiroth.’
    • ‘For example: the Kabbalist, attempting to ascend the tree of life, progresses along each of the sephiroth, starting in Malkuth and ending in Kether.’
    • ‘32 of course corresponds to the Kabbalah - all paths and sephiroth total 32 paths.’
    • ‘It's also a symbol of the Sun, not just visually but it's correspondence with Tiphereth the sephira of the Sun.’
    • ‘Also, they are the part of the sephiroth which the divine essence was poured into, could not contain, and from which most (but not all of the essence was withdrawn.’
    • ‘The sephira of these two heavenly bodies are connected to one another on the Tree of Life or Cabalistic glyph.’
    • ‘Assigning each number to a sephiroth… the possibilities are endless.’
    • ‘Tif'eret is the sephira of the newborn Child Lord, and of the Sacrificed King.’
    • ‘In my own experience with Tarot I use only the major arcana, and while I am aware of some the correspondences to the Tree of Life and the sephiroth, I don't explore it so much in that way.’
    • ‘This double triangle-Seal of Solomon, star of David-corresponded to the middle sephiroth of the Kaballah tree, the sephiroth which joins heaven and earth-top and bottom of the tree-to its male and female left and right.’


From Hebrew sĕp̱īrāh.