Definition of separator in English:



  • 1A machine or device that separates something into its constituent or distinct elements.

    ‘a magnetic separator’
    • ‘Ships are required to have oil-water separators, however the leftover oily water may be discharged at sea, depending upon its concentration, 12 to 200 miles offshore.’
    • ‘When space is limited, oil-grit separators and other small technologies can be useful in treating the initial first-flow runoff.’
    • ‘After consultation with the sterilizer manufacturer, it was determined that steam separators needed to be installed to improve the quality of the steam.’
    • ‘The same products are available for helicopters but are supplemented with electronics cooling and winch cooling equipment and oil coolers, particle separators and engine scavengers.’
    • ‘The rubble-crushing system includes an impact crusher plant, conveyors, an electromagnetic separator, and a screen plant.’
    • ‘Minerals were separated with a magnetic separator and further separation of micas was carried out using a vibrating table and handpicking in an attempt to achieve maximum purity.’
    • ‘Units must ensure that training for maintenance operations in hot weather includes fuel system troubleshooting and diagnosis, including examination of pumps, injectors, fuel lines, filters, and separators.’
    • ‘The separators remove oil to increase the life of the cleaning solution.’
    • ‘Pretreatment calls for running whey through fat separators to reduce its fat content to less than 0.05 percent.’
    • ‘Waste from the ship's bilges is pumped into holding tanks, then run through separators to remove water from the oil.’
    • ‘Prices for separators also differ, although they represent a larger investment for a dairy operation than other processing components, based on their function, size and complexity.’
    • ‘As milk varieties expanded, the need for more sophisticated separators also has grown, with processors separating and reintroducing milk fat for different fat-based product types.’
    • ‘To confirm our findings about the in-line fuel-air separators, we installed each of them individually on a colleague's Tiara Pursuit 24-foot center console so we could try them with actual fuel.’
    • ‘Other separators can extract impurities from lubricating oils, beer and wine, and numerous other substances.’
    • ‘The company has a new 500 series of separators and clarifiers that are USDA accepted and have the highest capacity throughput in the market today.’
    • ‘Fat content of pasteurized milk is adjusted via two separators, which skim the fat out.’
    • ‘Farmers first saw steel plows, gas-driven tractors, cream separators, and electric lights at fairs.’
    • ‘Onsite separators extracted 40,000 gal of petroleum products from fuel tanks that floated and spun over.’
    • ‘Granular-bed separators consist of beds of sand, carbon, or other particles, which will trap the solids in a gas suspension that, is passed through the bed.’
    • ‘The lower energy consumption required to run hermetic separators helps reduce operational costs.’
    1. 1.1 Something that keeps two or more things apart.
      ‘most mail daemons use commas as separators between addresses’
      • ‘They had come from China to Japan in the 7th century and were used as room separators, mostly with 4 or 6 panels.’
      • ‘Photocopies of these clever additions are likely already adorning dorm room walls and cubicle separators throughout the land.’
      • ‘On a related note, and something that we mentioned previously, the manuals should have descriptive tab separators.’
      • ‘Then, if you dropped the battery on a concrete floor, the glass separators cracked or broke, thus violating the solid barrier between the plates.’
      • ‘The Rose Medical Center had two patients to one room, with two sets of equipment, beds, and TVs, separated only by a sheet of plastic, running on a metal guide on the ceiling, that could act as a separator.’
      • ‘I could hear him giving them their instructions through the room separator.’
      • ‘Several window manufacturers now sandwich foam separators, nylon spacers, and insulation materials such as poly-styrene and rockwool between the glass inside their windows.’
      • ‘Two- and three-rail fences are nice landscape separators, while the taller four- and five-rail versions make a stout fence for animals.’
      • ‘Why hadn't she simply pretended there were no gaps, no separators, only a blank, endless space of that blinding, sheer white that sent her head spinning?’
      • ‘Next, weave Kleenex between toes to keep them apart, or use a toe separator.’
      • ‘A system and method for producing fuel cell separators can produce fuel cell separators with high contact performance.’
      • ‘It was elegant with its black tiles, glass separators, and some gold fixtures.’