Definition of separative in English:



  • Tending to cause division into constituent or individual elements.

    • ‘It typically takes three times as much separative work to enrich uranium from its natural state to 5 percent LEU than it does to enrich LEU to 90 percent HEU.’
    • ‘The separative 2D images of each radical were individually constructed using the spatial function obtained with the two methods.’
    • ‘Thus the total estimated time for all procedures involving spectral-spatial images and separative ESR-CT should be on the order of several hours.’
    • ‘As previously noted, he was however of the view that the ‘trumpet’ shape might even enhance the normal separative effect of the conventional frusto-conical shape.’
    • ‘Increased oxygen availability may last some time after the exposure and during this time many immune and separative pathways are significantly enhanced.’