Definition of separability in English:



  • See separable

    • ‘The separability of the two questions of whether a law is good and whether it is constitutional is itself a crucial point.’
    • ‘For he appends to his denial of the soul's separability the observation that some parts of the soul may in the end be separable after all, since they are not the actualities of any part of the body.’
    • ‘To draw such a distinction, these theologians say, is to assume the separability of religion and morality, but that assumption is itself a highly controversial viewpoint.’
    • ‘This distinction between merely possible and essential modes provides an argument for the separability of pure mind from things of the body.’
    • ‘I am aware of the issue in terms of the non-separability, or the difficulty of separability, of the cardboard from the plastic, which also does not carry the required identification.’