Definition of sentry box in English:

sentry box


  • A structure providing shelter for a standing sentry.

    • ‘A correspondent saw blood spattered on the ground and bullet holes in a sentry box near the factory gates.’
    • ‘Complete with bearskin, he reaches 9ft and cannot fit into the Royal sentry boxes, meaning he has to be replaced by a shorter soldier when it rains.’
    • ‘Patrolmen used the sentry boxes to check in with headquarters and eat their sandwiches.’
    • ‘Even the security is discreet, although very much there with barriers, sentry boxes and electronic locks.’
    • ‘What look like striped sentry boxes all over the beach are actually wooden shelters (with seats) that act as windbreaks, which can be hired by the hour or day.’
    • ‘I halted in front of the sentry box, turned to the front and stood at ease.’
    • ‘They are often provided with sentry boxes to protect them against inclement weather, and the posting and relief of sentries is often the subject (particularly in the case of public buildings in national capitals) of elaborate ritual.’
    • ‘It is a collection of three huge stones that once formed an open-aired sentry box.’
    • ‘Petrol bombs were thrown inside the US embassy compound, setting alight a satellite dish and a sentry box.’
    • ‘While a teenage North Korean was able to seek refuge within the building, the other was taken to a sentry box, at which point South Korean diplomats began to intervene, he said.’
    • ‘Peering through the window of the prominent sentry box, black and white screens can be observed, charting the course of individuals as they traverse the grounds, stark white boxes encapsulating their persons.’
    • ‘In 1864 the company demolished the Citadel, along with the last two remaining Blockhouses, save for a stone sentry box and entrance arch.’


sentry box