Definition of sentimentalization in English:


(British sentimentalisation)


  • See sentimentalize

    • ‘It's part of the well-documented process of the sentimentalisation of society, in which emotions are more important than facts and the most powerful condition is that of victimhood.’
    • ‘I'm not sure whether it was pre or post-Victorian, but I'd agree that a sentimentalisation of children and childhood took place.’
    • ‘Legal notions of spousal unity and the sentimentalization of a woman's role as ‘the angel in the house’ have often served to undercut married women's agency and autonomy.’
    • ‘By the 1930s, they contend, ‘the sentimentalization of childhood [even] cut across social class distinctions.’’
    • ‘Now, it seems, this babyish sentimentalisation of nature is regarded as a social attribute.’