Definition of sentimental value in English:

sentimental value


  • The value of an object deriving from personal or emotional associations rather than material worth.

    ‘she lost several pieces of jewellery which were of sentimental value’
    • ‘Martha said the plantings had more sentimental value than they did intrinsic value.’
    • ‘People are framing personal items that hold great sentimental value.’
    • ‘Everything we had found that had potential sentimental value or significance had been grouped together in my parents ' bedroom.’
    • ‘Fritz Kreisler's arrangment of Mozart's Rondo in D Major, K. 382, is of sentimental value to Ms.’
    • ‘He even contacted some of his victims to tell them which pawn shops were holding items of sentimental value.’
    • ‘The garments were made from pieces of material donated by each family signifying some sentimental value to a member of the family, living or deceased.’
    • ‘Things that have sentimental value are of far more worth than any art objects.’
    • ‘Any subjective valuation based on sentimental value does not enhance the true value.’
    • ‘Many of these items have sentimental value or are works of art in themselves.’
    • ‘The ring obviously holds great sentimental value for the owner.’
    • ‘A woman mugged on her way home from work has appealed to the thieves to return items of sentimental value.’
    • ‘He grabbed the only thing that held any sentimental value for him.’
    • ‘A gold Cameo brooch of great sentimental value was lost in Bunclody last week.’
    • ‘The object that the tool produces has at most a quickly passing sentimental value.’
    • ‘For a fairly large variety of reasons, April Gertler's work has some sentimental value for myself.’
    • ‘The plain gold band has great sentimental value.’
    • ‘Many of the victims had lost items of great sentimental value that could never be replaced.’
    • ‘Items of great sentimental value were removed in this break-in, consequently having a detrimental effect on the owner.’
    • ‘All I want back are my rings and watches because they have sentimental value. "’
    • ‘I had only just hidden the letter you sent me in a secret compartment in my dresser, where I hid many things of sentimental value.’