Definition of sensuousness in English:



  • See sensuous

    • ‘Reaching into the little envelopes feels like an almost violating act - and the sensuousness of the writing gives it an electric, erotic, exciting charge.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, her particular conception of, and attitude toward, love does not in the least harm her extreme sensuousness and desirability as a wonderfully voluptuous bed partner.’
    • ‘My colleagues and I were apprehensive, but when we were finally able to get hold of the parts it turned out to be music of incredible sensuousness and vitality.’
    • ‘At moments, they have the coiled energy of the martial arts; at other moments, the sensuousness of lovers.’
    • ‘The snow-capped mountain ranges, the sheer sensuousness of the sublime peaks and their changing hues provide a serene touch to the exhibition.’