Definition of sensitiveness in English:



  • See sensitive

    • ‘In the vegetable kingdom sensitiveness of an involuntary nature is discernible in the form of germination and growth while a still higher type of sensibility accompanied by a limited consciousness can be seen in the animal life.’
    • ‘But many of their members have expressed discontent, and the society is showing signs of an increased sensitiveness to the issue.’
    • ‘The diligence, tolerance and persistence of cows and their sensitiveness to how we treat them demonstrates to us that we must respect life.’
    • ‘Thus, the Moon provides intuition and sensitiveness when positioned in a water sign, and the desire to internally experience the Sun's drive.’
    • ‘The world over, the public image of a company's brands is largely determined by its sensitiveness to environmental issues and this has successfully contributed to a marked decline in industrial pollution.’