Definition of sensitive period in English:

sensitive period


  • A time or stage in a person's development when they are more responsive to certain stimuli and quicker to learn particular skills.

    • ‘Also, some comments about developmental forces such as sensitive periods and even behavior genetics would be helpful.’
    • ‘This is necessary to allow appropriate therapy to be started within the sensitive period of visual development for optimal results.’
    • ‘Male-male interactions were readily triggered by a LED flash in the early sensitive period, or at any time if the insect was not spontaneously flashing during the normal period of patrol behavior.’
    • ‘That's probably because bitterness is often a sign of toxicity, and it's especially important to avoid toxic compounds during these sensitive periods of growth and development.’
    • ‘Estrogens can be naturally elevated in plasma when songs are being learned; androgens can be elevated when the sensitive period for song learning closes.’