Definition of sensibly in English:



  • 1In a way that shows wisdom or prudence.

    ‘the committee sensibly decided not to go ahead with the meeting’
    ‘the secret to her long life has been eating sensibly’
    • ‘I praised the women in the audience who sensibly refused to look.’
    • ‘She says she just ate sensibly and in moderation.’
    • ‘Parking is sensibly relegated to two subterranean levels below.’
    • ‘To prevent a hangover in the first place, drink sensibly, which means don't have more than one drink an hour.’
    • ‘I'm not familiar enough with that subject to really talk sensibly about it.’
    • ‘She lost about 20 pounds, very sensibly, and she feels really happy about it.’
    • ‘Mozart was offered an organist's post at Versailles, and sensibly declined.’
    • ‘The pair sensibly attempted a less ambitious integration of moderate-size compositions in the more restricted space upstairs.’
    • ‘You're stuck with sensibly slashing calories while eating a healthy diet.’
    • ‘It's a whole new way of losing weight sensibly that can give you a whole new perspective on your body and your life.’
  • 2In a practical and functional rather than decorative manner.

    ‘a sensibly dressed, respectable-looking woman’
    • ‘They dream of destroying it and building a new, more sensibly designed vessel.’
    • ‘A serious, sensibly dressed 33-year-old, he is an unlikely exponent of civil disobedience.’
    • ‘On one wall is a prominent photo of a woman sensibly attired in floral housecoat and white apron.’
    • ‘It is bright and sensibly built, and for a hatchback, its seats are uncommonly interested in your comfort.’
    • ‘She was too neatly manicured and sensibly made up to be homeless, and yet surely too young to be as intelligent as she sounded.’
    • ‘Rather than forming the usual, sensibly crafted program, these pieces allowed musicians to show their personalities through music that is special to them.’
    • ‘Most were dressed sensibly for the hot weather.’
    • ‘I hope she dresses sensibly in the future.’
    • ‘For Chilean architects, this is the challenge of a lifetime—to preserve history and to build sensibly.’
    • ‘If sensibly cut, at knee length, shorts are perfectly acceptable for all men.’
  • 3archaic In a way that is readily perceived; perceptibly.

    ‘his strength is sensibly diminished’
    ‘the tip becomes sensibly curved in one or two minutes’
    • ‘The curve is sensibly straight when there is a reduction of power from full load to lighter load.’
    • ‘These salaries have in recent years been sensibly reduced.’
    • ‘The magnitude of the electromotive force does not depend sensibly on the temperature.’
    • ‘The system becomes sensibly permanent in a transformed phase.’
    • ‘Change does not sensibly occur at all until a certain temperature of reaction is attained.’
    1. 3.1 In a way that is able to notice or appreciate something; perceptively.
      ‘he's sensibly aware of the need’
      • ‘It may not yet be a Here where I am, but it is most surely a Here where material existence is sensibly experienced.’
      • ‘Sensibly, they migrate south in winter.’
      • ‘A shoal of surgeonfish sensibly moves out of harm's way.’
      • ‘This term nominates the infant's image of its own body as it is sensibly lived through.’
      • ‘We cannot discover, sensibly, where inorganic matter ends and organic commences.’
      • ‘Such negation refers to nothing that is sensibly perceptible.’