Definition of Señorita in English:



  • A title or form of address used of or to a Spanish-speaking unmarried woman, corresponding to Miss.

    • ‘My señorita had gone for arepa, a traditional Venezuelan maize cake served with cheese and salad, and I had chilli mushrooms.’
    • ‘The boys are dressed like dusty caballeros and the gals are decked out like the pretty señoritas on old Havana cigar boxes.’
    • ‘You have a beautiful smile my little señorita!’
    • ‘In this showcase of the well known (but little understood) Latin dance form, we learn that flamenco is not just about castanets, señoritas in frilly gowns and fancy footwork.’
    • ‘Goya does it with contrapposto, his señorita swivelling in her black lace mantilla, hand to waist, her eye caught by something outside the painting.’
    young woman, young lady, miss
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Spanish, diminutive of Señora.