Definition of senile dementia in English:

senile dementia


mass noun
  • Dementia occurring in old age as a result of progressive brain degeneration.

    • ‘Most of the residents here are geriatrics with senile dementia.’
    • ‘Unfortunately she developed senile dementia and eventually had to go into an elderly persons' home run by Bradford Council.’
    • ‘I would feel completely comfortable diagnosing this man with some kind of advance case of senile dementia induced by simply old age.’
    • ‘Various studies have suggested that senile dementia is associated with neural cell degeneration of the brain.’
    • ‘In particular, they cited that there was no specialist in old-age psychiatry competent to reach a diagnosis of senile dementia.’
    • ‘Mr Carnegie, from Aberdeen and known as Jock, had been diagnosed with premature senile dementia three years ago and had been cared for at Eshton Hall prior to its closure.’
    • ‘A postman who ruthlessly preyed on an 86-year-old woman with senile dementia who he met while doing his round has been locked up.’
    • ‘Mum suffers really badly with arthritis in her joints and dad has senile dementia, but they have just been left there without their gas fire or heating.’
    • ‘It is terrifying to contemplate a time when, because of illness, an accident or senile dementia, one cannot make decisions for oneself.’
    • ‘Unfortunately she has been suffering from senile dementia which has grown worse since she was admitted to hospital.’
    • ‘My vet said these are all symptoms of senile dementia in dogs.’
    • ‘The diagnosis was schizophrenia, complicated by senile dementia and congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘I had always told my seven-year-old son that Grandpa's strange behaviors were the result of ‘brain sickness,’ my way of describing senile dementia.’
    • ‘The Alzheimer's Disease Society made an official complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Commission, and other groups and individuals expressed concern over what they considered to be the depiction of senile dementia as a topic of fun.’
    • ‘And the neurologists realised that many cases occur in advanced age, without any reason apparent other than age; and they called this senile dementia.’
    • ‘If I should have the misfortune to die in a plane disaster and have a moment for regret, I will of course be sorry to miss many future delights: false teeth and senile dementia, for instance.’
    • ‘In addition, nursing homes charge an extra fee if the patient requires 24-hour nursing care or is suffering from senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease.’
    • ‘People with senile dementia get paranoid bursts - my mother thought we were stealing her light bulbs, and she would stay awake all night convinced there was a man in black at the end of her bed, beckoning to her.’
    • ‘Two of my grandparents (separate sides of the family) both suffered from senile dementia, and one from Alzheimers too.’
    • ‘But old age is no respecter of class, and the many elderly characters in this collection all suffer in different ways: senile dementia, bitterness, the ravages of love.’
    decrepitude, infirmity, feebleness, unsteadiness, senescence, decline, old age, dotage, second childhood, confusion, alzheimer's, alzheimer's disease
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senile dementia