Definition of send word in English:

send word


  • Send a message.

    ‘he sent word that he was busy’
    • ‘When they reported he wasn't there, he sent word that he was.’
    • ‘Couvreur sent word of the human barricade to a local radio station.’
    • ‘One day, he sent word from his ship that he would be coming ashore at Larry's River the next day, and word spread among the communities around the Bay.’
    • ‘They sent word that the Public Relations unit of the State Government would have all the required details.’
    • ‘The accused, however, were not present: they sent word through their lawyers that they were protesting the OTP's failure to present some materials to them as the bench had ordered.’
    • ‘But shortly afterwards, Jeremie sent word that he was willing to hold his hand on the executions of the four, but not the entire death row population.’
    • ‘They sent word that the soldiers were looking for me.’
    • ‘They sent word to Kerr privately to ask him to explain himself.’
    • ‘We have a strong alliance with them and if they were ever in need they would send word, but no such message has been received.’
    • ‘Some time later, Dad sent word via the neighborhood grapevine that it was time for me to return to the scene of the crime.’