Definition of send something off in English:

send something off

phrasal verb

  • Dispatch something by post.

    ‘please take a moment or two to send off a cheque to a good cause’
    • ‘I sent the videos off to America to have them analysed to check that I wasn't going crazy.’
    • ‘I will then finish editing it overnight, ready to send it off via express post on Friday.’
    • ‘Before the boxes can be sent off, they need to be checked to ensure they don't contain inappropriate items such as liquids or war toys.’
    • ‘I only sent the form off last week and there in the mountain of post as a reply from them telling me I'm sorted to receive the statutory amount whenever I am ready to start.’
    • ‘So, anyway, I shot off to the study to write a covering letter for the deeds and then to the post office to send the package off by special delivery, next day guaranteed.’
    • ‘I had to go to the post office to send a few posters off to those good enough to want to buy some off me (details on home page).’
    • ‘About an hour later, I was in a post office, sending it off.’
    • ‘It will require that person to send that cheque off to the Inland Revenue Department.’
    • ‘I queued for the birth certificate, wrote the cheque, sent the application off, sat back and waited.’
    • ‘‘We want people to get involved but we do not want people to send things off in the post, just to let us know and we will arrange to have a look at them,’ says Jane Sellars, freelance exhibition curator.’