Definition of send someone to the showers in English:

send someone to the showers


North American
  • Send off or eject someone from a match, race, or contest.

    • ‘Plate umpire Bill Miller and second base umpire Joe West noticed what they were doing and sent Day to the showers for violating rule 8.02 that prohibits a pitcher from putting a foreign substance on his fingers.’
    • ‘A loud chorus of boos rained down on Guinn in rounds 8,9 and 10 for his inability send Banks to the showers early.’
    • ‘He works the team for an hour or so, then sends them to the showers.’
    • ‘More likely than not, they will be sent to the showers early and rise up again - that ‘survivalist-at-all-costs’ strain of thinking always rises after a fall - at some other point in the near future.’
    • ‘Wayne Bremser - he of the Matthew Barney vs Donkey Kong fame - sends me to the showers thus.’