Definition of send someone flying in English:

send someone flying


  • Cause someone to be knocked violently off balance or to the ground.

    ‘the recoil of the gun sent him flying’
    • ‘We'd gone a little way, and I was looking out for a good place to stop when, with no warning at all, the bike took a sharp twist sideways sending us flying to the ground.’
    • ‘The jolt from the direct hit sent him flying out of his seat and across the cockpit.’
    • ‘After a while of walking I hit something that sent me flying to the ground.’
    • ‘It knocked him back, sending him flying into the corner of the table.’
    • ‘What if the car knocked him full off the bike and sent him flying?’
    • ‘He fought with her for the gun and sent her flying into a bedpost where she was knocked out.’
    • ‘Michael again easily avoided the blow and gave a sharp tug on the arm sending James flying to the ground.’
    • ‘With a swipe of his arm that contained more power than I thought possible he knocked me back and sent me flying into the crowd behind me.’
    • ‘A Crimestoppers appeal in the Evening Press trapped the thief who snatched a 74-year-old man's savings and sent him flying to the ground.’
    • ‘It sent her flying to the ground and almost knocked her unconscious.’