Definition of send someone down in English:

send someone down

phrasal verb

  • 1Expel a student from a university.

    • ‘A myth surrounding the vessels states that if a student drank all the beer held in one, he would be sent down.’
    • ‘It's true, I say absolutely nothing insulting nor talk back to the teachers and they send me down.’
    • ‘Some have won fully paid scholarships to colleges and Universities and when they get there, they are sent down because the fraud that they perpetuated on themselves and others has now caught up with themselves.’
    expel, exclude
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  • 2informal Sentence someone to imprisonment.

    ‘you're going to get sent down for possessing drugs’
    • ‘This was before she was sent up to prison, Upstate New York.’
    • ‘If they can do it for jury duty which can have the power to send someone down for life (or to the table in some US states), then maybe political seats by random lot might not be so strange.’
    • ‘Ricky and Des were sent down because they refused to come to a deal and plead guilty when they knew they were innocent.’
    • ‘He appeared to cement his reputation as a criminal sociopath when he openly laughed as he was sent down for life by the Special Criminal Court in July 1999 for the victim's death.’
    • ‘Because with that amount of cocaine, they'll send him down for at least 4 years.’
    • ‘On his third arrest he was sent down for 11 months.’
    • ‘An active member of the Communist Party, he was sent down for his involvement in industrial action by dockyard workers.’
    • ‘In 1992 he was sent up for murder and racketeering.’
    • ‘Other prisoners were quite supportive - though they found it strange that someone had been sent down for a political campaign.’
    • ‘The courts were directed to adopt a strict ‘two counts and you're out’ policy, and he was sent down.’
    send to prison, sentence to imprisonment, imprison, jail, incarcerate, lock up, confine, detain, intern, immure
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