Definition of send someone/something up in English:

send someone/something up

phrasal verb

  • 1British Give an exaggerated imitation of someone or something in order to ridicule them.

    ‘we used to send him up something rotten’
    • ‘Filled with endless mumbo-jumbo dialogue and obvious plot twists, it never begins to convince or enthral and is populated by actors who don't know whether to strive for sincerity or just throw in the towel and send the whole thing up.’
    • ‘They have an answer for that too, though: they're not just sending people up, they insist, but seeking to politicise them.’
    • ‘In panto I send myself up playing the Gladiator role; in this the character is sent up in the story, and there's lots of fun at everyone's expense.’
    satirize, ridicule, make fun of, parody, lampoon, mock, caricature, imitate, ape
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  • 2send someone upUS Sentence someone to imprisonment.

    ‘he was sent up for arson’
    send to prison, sentence to imprisonment, imprison, jail, incarcerate, lock up, confine, detain, intern, immure
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