Definition of send for in English:

send for

phrasal verb

  • 1Order or instruct (someone) to come to one; summon.

    ‘if you don't go I shall send for the police’
    • ‘The doctor nodded ‘Shall I send for Jim and Jack to return her to her quarters?’’
    • ‘Iokaste sends for Oedipus and instructs the Corinthian to inform him of the news.’
    • ‘I shall send for a female companion to teach you about these things.’
    • ‘We shall stand watch out here until you send for us.’
    • ‘Niko's wounds would heal quickly enough and I instructed the Captain to send for the physician in the morning.’
    • ‘That's why I ask you to wait until tomorrow to send for the police.’
    • ‘‘I shall be sending for you and we shall marry and live together in France,’ he told me.’
    • ‘Servants shall wait on you while I send for your companions.’
    • ‘Since he told me to invite guests, I had to send for various prominent people so he could demonstrate techniques before them.’
    • ‘In a few days I will send for you again with instructions on your first assignment.’
    call, call for, call in, summon, ask to come, request, request the attendance of, request the presence of, order, contact, fetch
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    1. 1.1 Order by post.
      ‘send for our mail order catalogue’
      • ‘In order to do this effectively it may be given powers equivalent to those of the High Court to summon witnesses, send for documents, administer oaths, etc.’
      • ‘On May 28, 1915 Gandhi assured VOC: ‘I shall now send for the book subscribed in Natal.’’
      • ‘Athena Review, journal of archaeology, history and exploration, invites you to send for more information on a free issue.’
      • ‘Have you been invited to send for a TV for only £33.49?’
      • ‘We phoned a place in Toronto to send for replacement instruments, but made the mistake of telling them they'd probably been stolen.’
      • ‘Go to, look over their instruction sheets, & send for a copy of their catalog.’
      • ‘I sent for a copy and when I glanced through it, I thought it was really great.’